Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why Can't We Have This Information?

Roger Hannigan Gilson published the following this morning on The Other Hudson Valley Facebook page:
AT LEAST 11 COVID-19 CASES HAVE BEEN CONNECTED TO A COLUMBIA COUNTY BUSINESS--four cases to the business' branch in the northern part of the county, four cases to its southern branch, and three new cases identified Tuesday.
A spokesman for the county health department would not identify the business, saying releasing the names of businesses with outbreaks was under the purview of the county Board of Supervisors, led by Chairman Matt Murell, and the board had decided to not identify where the outbreak had occurred.
The business had been conducting its transactions with clients at arm's length, and no customers had yet tested positive, according to the spokesman. The cases are all employees and their family members.
The business "was very lax with social distancing and mask-wearing," according to the spokesman.

It is difficult to imagine what possible reason the Columbia County Board of Supervisors may have had for making the decision to withhold this information from the public.

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  1. It does seem noisome. But I don't consider county government to be co-extensive with a shining city on the hill. Sometimes it reminds me more of the last scene in the movie Amadeus.