Thursday, December 17, 2020

Following Up: 162 Women Making a Difference

Are you curious to know who the 162 women are who have been recognized by the Columbia County Women's Alliance as women making a difference? The website presenting the honorees is now live. Click here to see bios and photos of them all. Humility does not prevent me from revealing that I am honored and proud to be included among them. 


  1. Good Morning. Here is my considerably shorter list of Women Making a Difference:

    Amy and Shatay at Greenport CVS, who on an almost daily basis, most especially at the beginning of the pandemic were literally publicly yelled at and belittled by customers demanding to know why they didn't have masks, hand sanitizer, or paper products.

    Gail, Theresa, Bogie, Georgiann, and Lori, to name a few, who work at ShopRite and regularly have to explain over and over again to aggressively entitled, well heeled customers exactly why they can't use a phone app coupon AND a paper coupon . . . to save a single dollar, or explain to these same obviously well heeled customers why they have to pay a nickle, yes, five cents, for a paper bag. These customers will hold up the line for five, six, seven minutes to argue the point, and then storm off to the women who work at Customer Service, to argue all over again about their dollar coupon and their five cent bag.

    Jess, Kendra and Ashley at the UPS Store who have to deal with entitled customers, who pull up in front of the door, expect to rush right in and get taken care of immediately, if not sooner, because we all know THEIR time is far more valuable, and who huff and puff in line, and even expect those women to carry boxes inside the store.

    Gerri and Becky in Customer Service at Price Chopper in Catskill who have to deal with well read customers of Shakespear, but who can't read the "You must buy X to get XX" sign, and will argue the point and the policy, at the top of their lungs. More of the same people who, again, have read all of Socrates' writings, but refuse to comprehend signage that says, "Limit two to customer."

    These women, who have worked every day during the pandemic, don't get to "zoom it in" with a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, in hand. And, when customers complain about them, they don't get to retreat to a board room and "discuss" with Board Members how "the next transaction can be better". Nope, they get the luxury of being called out by management and written up; scolded, and demeaned a second time. After all, "The customer is always right."

    Since the pandemic started, these women have provided essential services to thousands of people, ONE BY ONE. Which probably explains why they didn't have time to nominate one another for this Women of Distinction designation.

    Between keeping their jobs, keeping themselves and their families healthy, absorbing daily abuse from the public, and literally being the cogs that keep the community functioning, yeah, not alot of time to fill out forms and submit adjective-heavy paragraphs about their everyday work lives.


  2. And my newest addition to my list: the smart, calm, lovely lady, who got out of her vehicle, on the 500 block of Warren Street just now, to go car door to car door, to politely ask drivers to back up, in an attempt to untangle a traffic jam. Meanwhile, a man, every twenty seconds screamed, "BACK THE F#@! UP" from some unseen location in the middle of the 500 block of Warren Street.

    Hudson: the passive-aggressive friendly city.


  3. There is a video of the incident, not published here, fully capturing the sound. Unbelievable. Not so friendly city and friendly city clashing.