Monday, December 7, 2020

One of the Stately Homes of Hudson

Yesterday, this article about 4 Willard Place, which was published in Brownstoner in June 2019, resurfaced on Facebook: "Exuberant Hudson Second Empire Confection by Architect G. B. Croff, Yours for $1.45 Million." I share the link because the article does a good job of recounting the history of Willard Place and of this house in particular.

I discovered on Zillow that since June 2019 the price has been reduced to $1,325,000, and a sale is now pending.


  1. Magnificent house, beautiful restoration. I remember when it was so dark and run down we referred to it as 'The Adams' House'. It was great to see it and the one next to it - and the large one across Allen Street facing Willard Place, which was a total wreck be restored to their former glory a while ago. (Also, the Inn at Hudson).

  2. Quite a home indeed. I assume that the kitchen was originally in the basement? I don't see it on the architect plans for the first floor. I see the dumbwaiter though. As a kid I lived in a house with a dumbwaiter that spanned three floors. I was too big a kid to take a ride in it however.