Sunday, June 20, 2021

About That Mid-Century Building

Yesterday's post about the hat purchased years ago in an antique shop in Pennsylvania which has now found its way back to Hudson inspired two readers to share some information about the building that now stands at 751 Warren Street, the address given in early city directories for the family of the hat's owner. The building that was constructed on the site in 1953 started out as a supermarket--First National Stores. Bob Tomaso provided this picture of the building believed to date from around 1970.

This picture may be earlier than 1970. It is not clear exactly when First National Stores transitioned to the acronym Finast, but in 1971, Gossips was shopping at a Finast on 14th Street in New York City.

Another reader shared this "inside information" about the building. Most of the building's basement is open storage space, but the walk-in coolers and freezers and employee changing rooms and showers from the Finast days are still there, "almost untouched." The reader described it as "a bit spooky but amazing."

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