Thursday, June 10, 2021

Two Shootings Within 12 Hours

The title for this post was borrowed from a press release Gossips just received from Chief Ed Moore of the Hudson Police Department. The rest of the press release follows.

On Wednesday 06/09/21 at 2:39 p.m. HPD received numerous calls of shots fired in the area of North 5th Street between Columbia St. and Long Alley. Witnesses stated they heard numerous shots fired, with a suspect carrying a pistol fleeing the area on foot. The suspect was described as black male, thin, wearing dark colored jeans, red boxers, no shirt. He was observed running west from the scene toward Columbia St. HPD officers and detectives, backed up by Troopers and Sheriff’s Deputies soon arrived at the scene. Detectives discovered numerous shell casings. An unoccupied parked car was struck in the windshield, and another bullet broke a second floor window of a nearby house on North 5th St. and lodged in a bedroom wall. Also, at the time of the incident, a 57 year old Chatham man was a lone occupant operating a Ford pickup on North 5th when a bullet narrowly missed him and shattered the rear passenger side window of his vehicle. He was not injured. Several men hanging around in the vicinity of the D&D Deli on North 5th St. were interviewed, but either claimed they saw nothing or refused to cooperate when questioned.
On Thursday 06/10/21 at 12:01 a.m. Columbia County 911 received a call that there is a man in front of Building 13, Hudson Terrace Apartments, who was having “difficulty breathing.” HPD Sgt. Edelman soon reported that he was with a man lying on the ground next to a vehicle with a wound to his upper right leg. Information gathered at the scene indicated the victim had been shot. Greenport Rescue Squad transported the man to Columbia Memorial Hospital and he was then Medivac’d to Albany Medical Center where he was admitted with life threatening injuries.
Numerous people were gathered in the parking lot of HTA at the time of the incident, but no information has been provided as to who could have fired a weapon. No weapon was located at the scene, and the possibility that the wound was self-inflicted/accidental has not been ruled out. HPD again received a great deal of assistance from the NY State Troopers, Columbia County Sheriff, and Columbia County District Attorney.
“There is not enough evidence collected at this time to positively link the two events. The apparent back-and-forth nature of the shootings is a pattern we have seen in the past. Lacking any information shared by people actually present, it will take time and a great deal of effort put together a good case and remove dangerous people from our neighborhoods.” Chief
Anyone who has any information regarding . . . these two events is encouraged to call Detectives at (518) 828-3388. All calls will be kept confidential.

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  1. The D & D deli should be labeled a nuisance business and shut down even if it is for sale. (In Albany, nuisance businesses can be shut by the city). Way too much nonsense going on in front of D & D all the time for far too long, and now this. And HPD does little to nothing to disperse crowds of men hanging out in front on the sidewalk and in cars blaring music. And d & d allows it. A month ago I passed the open deli with 5 males playing a dice game in broad daylight ON THE SIDEWALK AND AGAINST THE FRONT WALL OF THE DELI. One guy had a wad of cash in one hand and shaking the dice in the other, all having a raucous time. Anyone acting so brazenly with obvious illegal activity must feel there is little or no consequence for doing so. But a month ago I got a $110 ticket from for bicycling the wrong way 2 blocks away on 5th, as well as a ticket for not having my bicycle registered even though bicycle registration in the City of Hudson CEASED 10 YEARS AGO. Not to worry, though, HPD, the county and State are keeping us all protected. BILL HUSTON