Friday, June 18, 2021

Today's Water Update

The following information appeared this morning on Mayor Kamal Johnson's Facebook page. 
Water Advisory Update--6/18/21
Since restarting the Water Treatment Plant Wednesday night, the Hudson Water Department has been able to provide the city with necessary water, while simultaneously building our tank volume by 750,000 gallons.
Our finished water tank is now at 1.5 million gallons or 60% of its designed capacity.
Based on current usage, we anticipate that the tank should be at full capacity by Tuesday morning. At this point there is no expectation that Hudson will need to interconnect with Greenport, but we have the plan in place and the equipment on site should that need change.
The poly pig is still lodged in the "T" at our Claverack pump station and excavation of the site is the only solution to extract the pig.
There is a large degree of coordination that will be necessary given the age, depth and constraints of the site. There are also various materials and pipe components that have long lead times for fabrication and/or delivery. Because of these two (2) mitigating factors, we don't expect the extraction to be logistically feasible for a few weeks.
Since water flow is consistent, and our tank volume is steadily building, it is our plan to fill the tank, while we also plan and prepare for the extraction. The extraction must be done efficiently and safely. 
For the next few days, we ask all residents, businesses and guests to use water conscientiously and take proactive measures to manage their consumption.
We discourage using water for:
    • Car washing,
    • Lawn and/or garden watering,
    • Filling pools
Our situation improves significantly with each passing day. We simply request YOUR cooperation for the next few days.

As with past water updates, the boldface is Gossips' addition. 


  1. Mitigate means to make something less severe. The factors listed are aggravating factors, not mitigating factors.

    1. I know. I just printed it as it appeared.

    2. Understood. Public statements should be accurate. He could have said, "To make matters worse ..."

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date, Gossips!