Thursday, June 10, 2021

Throwback Thursday

When he took office in January 2020, Mayor Kamal Johnson had three positions to fill on the Planning Board. Of his three appointments, two of them--Stephen Steim and Larry Bowne--were new to the regular cast of characters in city government and on regulatory boards. His third appointment was a familiar one: Theresa Joyner, who had already served several terms on the Zoning Board of Appeals. In making these appointments in January 2020, Johnson stated, "The Planning Board plays a key role in Hudson's future and these members will help steer us towards a more equitable and sustainable city."

Now, with the resignation last month of Betsy Gramkow, who had chaired the Planning Board since the beginning of 2020, there is once again a vacancy on that board. It seems Johnson has reached back into an old pool of candidates to fill that vacancy. Gossips learned yesterday that Eugene Shetsky has been appointed to the Planning Board. Shetsky will be familiar to anyone who's been around Hudson for a while. He served as mayor's aide to William Hallenbeck during his two terms in office (2012-2015). At the end of 2015, after he had lost his bid for reelection to Tiffany Martin, Hallenbeck appointed his aide, Shetsky, to the Planning Board. Shetsky was appointed to fill out the term of someone who had resigned, and when his term was up at the end of 2016, he was not reapppointed by Mayor Martin.  


  1. Gene Shetsky is a great choice. The city is lucky to have him back in service once again.

  2. Even when I didn't admire his boss, the mayor, I always admired Gene Shetsky. He wasn't always happy with me, but he was always fair.