Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Bliss Towers Is Coming Down

At its regular monthly meeting tonight, the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an RFQ (request for qualifications) for, in the words of Revonda Smith, chair of the HHA Board, "a whole new reconstruction of the HHA property and expanding it," which involves the demolition of Bliss Towers and Columbia Apartments, also known as "the low-rise."

Photo: Jonathan Simons
The decision to scrap the buildings constructed during Urban Renewal and reimagine once again this section of Hudson seems to have been reached after a town hall meeting with HHA tenants that took place on May 26.  

The HHA Board is seeking public comment on the RFQ, which will be available online starting Friday, June 11, on the HHA website and the City of Hudson website. Hard copies of the document will be available for viewing at the HHA office in Bliss Towers and at the Hudson Area Library. A public hearing on the RFQ will take place on July 7 at 6:00 p.m. On Tuesday, July 14, the HHA Board will vote on final approval of the RFQ, which will be released the following day. The deadline for submitting proposals has been set for August 14. The HHA Board is hoping for lots of responses, because, in the words of HHA board member Rebecca Wolff, "It's a pretty groovy project."


  1. And just where will the present residents move to prior to demolition.
    Of course, how foolish of me.
    They'll move to N7th St.

    1. One would hope the HHA would have an alternate to relying on Galvan.

    2. Its called "Cash Flow" --moving the poor out and uptown. the federal jackpot.

  2. The repurposing will be interesting. Prime real estate, Hudson River Views......

  3. There is an entire process that has to take place. this is not an immediate construction there is a timeline and Galvan foundation's project has nothing to do with this one. We plan to build new and phase people out of the current apartments. If concerned please tune into our meetings to get accurate information regarding the timeline.

  4. there is an entire process to take place. We are not planning to move residents into Galvan Housing. for accurate answers to these questions join our meetings which are posted on the city website. This is the very beginning of a long process

  5. So 50 yrs is the life expectancy of this building !