Tuesday, June 22, 2021

All the Results from Today

Here are all the results from today's primary election. Early voting is included, but absentee ballots are not. 

City Treasurer
Michael Hofmann            181
Heather Campbell            368

Second Ward Supervisor
Abdus Miah              120
Tiffany Garriga          30 

Second Ward Alderman
Mohammed Rony             83
Dewan Sarowar               107
Willette Jones                    45

Fifth Ward Alderman
Rebecca Borrer             50
Dominic Merante         51
Vicky Daskaloudi          73
Mark Bodnar                 29


  1. At least Hudson voters had the good sense to give Heather Campbell a solid victory .

  2. Thanks for this Carole! Question, do you happen to know the status of the rest of the races that were unopposed? ie Which wards had new people running unopposed, and who they are, and which had incumbents running unopposed, and who they are? Interested in seeing how the whole picture for next years is shaping up. Thanks so much!

    1. Monica--This was the Democratic primary, so it only determined which candidates would appear on the Democrat line in November. Several of the candidates have been endorsed by other parties, so despite a loss in the primary, they will still appear on the ballot in November. At the end of March, I published a list of all the candidates who had filed designating petitions. That list can be found here: https://gossipsofrivertown.blogspot.com/2021/03/a-preview-of-this-years-local-elections.html. For example, although Michael Hofmann will not be the Democratic candidate for city treasurer, he will still be on the ballot in November as the Working Families Party candidate. The same is true for Tiffany Garriga and Rebecca Borrer should Dominic Merante maintain his lead after the absentee ballots have been counted.

    2. And if Dominic Merante does not maintain his one vote lead after absentees, he will still be on the ballot on the Conservative Party line.

  3. Dominic also has an independent-body line (a "home-grown party") called People First.

  4. In the uncontested races, is there a chance for a write-in candidate or independent (if a small party can get the signatures or maybe it’s too late, not sure). Some better options would be nice

  5. Yes. In the general election in November, there is definitely the opportunity for write-in candidates. It's too late for an "independent-body line." I'm told the deadline for that was May 25.