Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Results of the Absentee Ballot Count

It appears that no outcomes were changed by the count of the absentee ballots this morning. In the most closely contested race, that for Fifth Ward alderman, Rebecca Borrer picked up 3 votes, Dominic Merante picked up 5, and Vicky Daskaloudi and Mark Bodnar each picked up 2, which means Merante, who had led Borrer by 1 vote, now leads by 3 votes. Here are the final numbers:

Borrer               53
Merante           56
Daskaloudi      75
Bodnar             31

Since the race between Borrer and Merante is so close, it may be necessary to do a hand count of all the ballots--those cast in early voting and on election day, as well as the absentee ballots.

In the race for city treasurer, Michael Hofmann picked up 53 votes to Heather Campbell's 47, but that was not enough to diminish significantly Campbell's substantial lead. The final count was Hofmann 228 to Campbell 415. Here's how the absentee voting went in each ward.

First Ward
Hofmann             2
Campbell             7

Second Ward
Hofmann             39
Campbell             32

Third Ward
Hofmann             4
Campbell             3
Fourth Ward
Hofmann             3
Campbell             3
Fifth Ward
Hofmann             5
Campbell             2

In the contest for Second Ward supervisor, Abdus Miah received 36 of the absentee votes and Tiffany Garriga received 43, which means Miah retains his lead, with 156 votes to Garriga's 73. In the contest for Second Ward alderman, Mohammed Rony received 28 of the absentee votes, Dewan Sarowar received 33, and Willette Jones 40. The final numbers in that race are Rony 111, Sarowar 140, and Jones 85. 

It should be remembered that these are the results of the Democratic primary. It isn't over until it's over. The winners will appear on the Democratic line in November, but since many of the candidates were cross endorsed, most by the Working Families Party, their names will appear in November on that party line.

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