Wednesday, June 16, 2021


The following is an update on the current water situation just received from DPW superintendent Rob Perry.
Based on primary investigation with the camera/probe from the Town of Greenport yesterday, we excavated a section of water main 500' from our receiving pit. The primary goal was to excavate the main and hopefully find the pig, which would then be physically extracted. The pig was not there. Although the primary goal was not achieved, this excavation allowed greater access to the portion of the main under the Claverack Creek and near our pump station. Operations were suspended at 11:30 p.m.
Operations resumed at 6:30 a.m. today.
Day 2 Actions:
    • A contractor from Schenectady is onsite with a fiber optic camera. By accessing the excavation from last night they will investigate over 1,000' of water main to either locate the pig or rule out this section of main. If they locate the pig, they have equipment that can be used to either remove it intact or pulverize it, and we would flush it out through a pit.
    • A second contractor from NJ has provided us with a "swab" that can be inserted into the main, pressurized with water, then sent along the section of main where the pig was sent. This product will surround the pig and force it along its intended course.
    • Our chief operator is working with Town of Greenport personnel to implement an "umbilical cord" where we physically connect a hydrant from Greenport to a hydrant in Hudson. Optimally this could provide about 1/5 of the city's daily consumption. We would have to use a transfer pump to compensate for the higher tank elevation in Hudson, and a "boil water advisory" would be declared in Hudson.
    • Review of the back-up pump station in Claverack is underway. The pump station has 200 hp pumps that were updated in 2005. These pumps would push water against cast iron water mains installed in the early 1900s. Absent the pumps and motors, the remaining appurtenances were installed either in the early 1940s or late 1960s.
All current activities on the raw water transmission main have no effect on the water quality of the finished water. The finished water in the tank has already been filtered and treated by the water treatment plant.

The boldface caps are Gossips' addition. This is no time to waste water. If you don't absolutely need to use water, don't. Don't water your lawn, wash your car, or hose down your sidewalk. If you can put off that load of laundry, postpone running the dishwasher, or take a shorter shower, by all means do.

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