Thursday, June 10, 2021

Regarding Bliss Towers and New Development

The Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners just released the following statement about the action they took at their meeting last night: 
The Hudson Housing Authority has approved the draft RFQ for development of the property currently occupied by Bliss Towers and Columbia Apartments. The plans include demolition of Bliss Towers as well as exploring options to expand throughout the city. This decision was not easy but was led by tenant and community feedback. Our goal is to provide our tenants with a bright future and quality of life that matches the momentum of our ever-growing city. While we are facing a crisis around affordable housing, we take great pride in being able to offer a project of this magnitude with our residents' wants and needs as our guide from start to finish.
This morning, Gossips happened upon this photograph of Bliss Towers, taken in 1973, when the building was still under construction.


  1. the real story here is that the City has been incompetent in managing the building and providing clean habitable apartments. How many of them are "off-line" now due to lack of maintenance ?

    Its a great way for Hudson politicians to dump the problem on someone else's hands and just get rid if it, after sucking the life out of it and its tenants.

    A bright and vibrant future awaits - ?????

    1. j kay--The City of Hudson does NOT manage Bliss Towers. The extent of the City's involvement is that the mayor of Hudson appoints five of the seven members of the Hudson Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

  2. Respectfully to J Kay and Carole, I get the gist of J Kay's comment. I too, suspect there is a real story here. Mismanagement can be many things. And by the info we're hearing from news sources and Gossips, it does point in that direction. One month they plan to seek financing for rehabbing vacant apartments.(Not sure how that went? Or the roof?). Few months later, let's take the whole thing down. Five appointments is significant. There are many well meaning members but backgrounds in this specific type of management could come in handy. Historically, HUD reliant housing commissions have not had the best of 'luck' we should note.