Friday, June 11, 2021

Following Up

This morning, Chief Ed Moore provided this follow-up to yesterday's report about a cache of weapons discovered and seized in the parking lot at Hudson Terrace Apartments.
Juvenile #1 , AGE 16
Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd / Defaced - Class D Felony PL 265.02/03
Criminal Possession of a weapon 2nd - Class C Felony PL 265.03/03

Juvenile #2 , AGE 17
Criminal Possession Weapon 2nd - Class C felony  PL 265.03/03
Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd / Defaced - class D felony PL 265.02/03
Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd / Assault Weapon / bullet cont expl - class D felony PL 265.02/07
ADULT - Dominic J Rivenburg , AGE 19 – Catskill, NY
Criminal Possession Weapon 2nd Degree - Class C felony  PL 265.03/03
Criminal Possession of a stolen Firearm 4th Degree - Class E felony PL 165.45/04
ADULT - Donavon Law , AGE 18 – Catskill, NY
Criminal Possession Weapon 2nd Degree - Class C felony PL 265.03/03
Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd Degree / Defaced - class D felony  PL 265.02/03
Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd / Assault Weapon / bullet cont expl - Class D felony PL 265.02/07
The defendants were arraigned in front of Hudson City Court Judge Brian Herman.
Both Juveniles were ROR'd [released on own recognizance] to their mothers. They are due back in Columbia County court today 6/11/21 at 1 p.m.
Rivenburg and Law are due back to Hudson City Court on 6/24/21 at 9:30 a.m. --Order to TOT [turn over to] remaining guns to CCSO [Columbia County Sheriff's Office].
“We will discover if any of these weapons have been used in any other crimes. While the District Attorney recommended bail, it is more than worrisome that they were immediately released back into our neighborhood. This investigation is continuing as we here at HPD are prioritizing the safety of our citizens.” Chief


  1. Have to agree with the Chief on this: it's inexplainable to me how teenagers trafficking in defaced and over-magazined handguns and rifles isn't a violent crime in fact or de jeure and, therefore, requiring bail. And, if any of those weapons were used in prior crimes, how likely is it that the accused will in fact return to any court voluntarily to face the music? This does not seem like good policy or a good outcome.

  2. Because New York City's no-bail law has been such an astounding success? Judge Herman, read any newspaper.

  3. Meanwhile our mayor has not issued any statements on what has gone on in the last two days. No comment from the president of the CC. Where is the leadership?
    Our very small (6k) (2 square miles) community is in crisis and our elected reps are absent.

  4. It's a moot point, they are not weapons .They are "FIREARMS."

  5. Mabey Judge Hermann should have sent these young men on a safe handling of FIREARMS course ..Or is that just only for us legal Gun Owners. Gun Control means, being able to hit your target .

  6. The community has asked for less policing. So, they have gotten their wish.

    Guns and violence reign, so these are the fruits of this dangerous ideology, with more to come if no one speaks up.

  7. Thanks to Chief Moore and the officers of HPD for getting these dangerous weapons off Hudson's streets. They're an invaluable part of the community, and their actions undoubtedly saved Hudson from another tragic outcome.