Thursday, June 24, 2021

Trucks in the City

It has been two months since there has been any news of the truck route study. At the end of April, MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, the consultants carrying out the study, outlined these next steps.

If we needed any more evidence that big trucks--eighteen-wheelers--have no place in our little city, it came today, when an errant big rig, having strayed off the truck route, knocked down utility lines in the 200 block of Allen Street. A reader who was driving behind the truck took this picture.

Photo: Sarah Sterling


  1. I was in city court the other day and heard the judge call a defendant's name who got a ticket for "straying off the truck route." So HPD is getting to some of the errant trucks, but obviously tickets are not enough. BOOT THE ROUTE!

  2. Yes and dump it on our neighbors

    1. That's right, Mr. D. Hudson has dealt with it for decades and now it is someone else's turn. Fair is fair.

  3. The trucks do need to go, but let's not forget that some of them are not errant. They are making deliveries that are not on the truck route. Maybe to the new Talbott & Arding construction project?

  4. Let's get the trucks out of town and off the waterfront also. We've inhaled enough diesel fumes generated by outside entities that aren't doing our local economy any goood.