Friday, June 11, 2021

Regarding Recent Events and Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Hudson's traditional commemoration of Flag Day. (Actual Flag Day is June 14.) On the eve of the gala event, Chief Ed Moore and Mayor Kamal Johnson have issued the following statements on Facebook.
As our City is about to once again enjoy our annual Flag Day tradition, our citizens should be assured that we have taken extraordinary precautions to ensure your safety. Through many years of practice and teamwork, working with all of our city departments, local, county and state law enforcement, EMS, and HFD we have established a long record of safe and effective management of our mass gatherings. Citizens should know that we have gathered many resources to increase our ability to address any contingency that may arise. With COVID restrictions lifting and a good weather forecast, we expect yet another successful Flag Day event in our city this year. Enjoy what our city has to offer, be safe, and proudly wave your flag!
--Chief Moore
We have had a recent uptick of violence and guns in our city. I want to assure our residents that we are taking the safety of our citizens very seriously. You will see a heightened presence of officers in high alert areas. Police will be [in] cars as well as on foot patrolsinteracting with citizens to maintain safety.
I am currently creating partnerships with anti-violence and gun organizations to create lasting relationships to address some of the issues of trauma felt by a population in our city that feels like they have been left behind. As a city government we will be working hard to create better opportunities for our young people. Change is only going to happen in our city by working together. Safety for all is a priority and we need to take all necessary measures to keep our community safe.
--Mayor Kamal Johnson


  1. Hudson is clearly not a "safe" place or a city where residents sh0uld feel safe.

    large "affordable" housing developments like Hudson Terrace are centers of domestic abuse, drug dealing, child abuse, and now gun possession by underage teenagers.

    Police have their hands full in this town, and this problem will only get worse as time goes on.

  2. I trust that Hudson government and HPD have security cameras in place throughout Hudson. And f not why not. Asking people for information regarding drug dealings, gun shootings, etc. is a challenge as few if anyone wants to get involved in fear of retaliation by criminals, especially dealers.

  3. I have to wonder how many shootings have taken place in the area of N5th between Columbia and State within the last 10 years. The most recent one of a few days ago was a wake up call of how close innocent people could be killed.

  4. This is why we need mentoring programs for the venable young men and women to teach them that they dont have to get involved in crime to be successful.Whats lacking is adult guidance. Easy to say,DONT,LIE,CHEAT OR STEAL, but hard to follow that principle.

  5. Apparently we need a mentoring program for our judges too.