Wednesday, June 16, 2021

On the Political Scene . . . Again

Michael Hofmann just confirmed on social media that the rumor Gossips reported yesterday is true. Mayor Kamal Johnson has appointed him to be his mayoral aide.


  1. In the land of the blind, the One Eye Man King.

  2. They keep using the word “equitable.” But the word I’m thinking is “patronage.”

    1. Let me elaborate with a bit of city government / community activist revolving door fan fiction:

      “Hey Michael. Ya know, this treasurer is a real party pooper, with all of this accounting and calls for fiscal responsibility. It’s like the only elected office left that’s not held by our crew of woke speaking Galvan shills. Lately it’s not a problem since qualified people have better things to do than run for office, but this pesky bean counter wants to stay. So, can you like try to primary her? You can design some cool signs with everything at 45 degree angles - it’s sooo AOC-style. What? No experience in financial management? We don’t have any real world experience either. Just say the would “equitable” a lot. It plays well here since everyone is a Democrat and doesn’t understand the difference between national and local politics, and the last thing they want is to be accused of being un-woke, like a deplorable. So, if you could do that for us, that would be great. And don’t worry about if you lose because we got this “job” waiting for you either way.”

    2. Care to explain this thought process? Because this is the second time you’ve said it and it still doesn’t make much sense to me. I’d love to understand.