Tuesday, June 8, 2021

At the Docks This Summer

After the uncertainty over who would manage the docks at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, the Common Council rescinded a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a licensing agreement with Hudson Cruises and passed another authorizing a licensing agreement with the Hudson Sloop Club. Today, the Hudson Sloop Club issued the following press release:
The City of Hudson signed a license agreement with the Hudson Sloop Club to manage the commercial docks last week. Since that time the dock has hosted the Riverkeeper Patrol Boat, the Dutch Apple II, AND we have welcomed back Spirit of Hudson and the Little Spirit as well. Hudson Sloop Club is showing that we can support our local tour boats AND host visiting vessels, maximizing the impact and public good our docks can create.
Despite the challenges along the way, Hudson Cruises and Hudson Sloop Club have signed a dockage agreement that works for both parties. "We are so glad to see the Spirit and Little Spirit back in Hudson, the sightseeing and ferry services that these vessels provide is of great benefit to our city," said Sam Merrett, newly appointed Commercial Dock Coordinator for the City of Hudson.
"Our goal is to maximize the use of the dock for public programming and benefit, we will do this through the Waterfront Wednesday event series, hosting Hudson Cruises tour boats, and additional visiting vessels." The John J. Harvey will be on the list of vessels coming to Hudson this season. The Harvey hasn't been to our waterfront in over 15 years. Other vessels, such as Impossible Dream, a universally accessible sailing catamaran that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through getting them out on the water, will come to Hudson this season for the first time ever!
If any additional vessels want to come to Hudson they simply need to reach out to the Hudson Sloop Club. The rates vary depending on the programming being offered. "Dockage will be calculated through a combination of vessel size, length of stay and programming they bring," Merrett explained. "The City sets the rates but the Sloop Club makes suggestions based on public benefit. The message is simple, public programming is just as valuable as revenue and we welcome either form of payment. Vessels providing private programming should expect to pay $1.50/ft. These low rates are aimed at increasing activity at our waterfront."
The Sloop Club will be installing clear signage and updating their website to make the docking process as transparent and vessel friendly as possible. In the meantime anyone with direct questions can reach out to Sam Merrett at (518) 303-6060. Stay tuned for more.

Gossips Note: It hasn't been more than fifteen years since the John J. Harvey visited Hudson. The historic fireboat was here in 2009, along with a number of other historic and replica vessels, for the Namesake Celebration, Hudson's commemoration of the Quadricentennial of Henry Hudson's journey on the river that bears his name. That was twelve years ago.


  1. Well done Sloop Club. Sounds like a great program and plan. Glad it worked out with Hudson Cruises and everyone benefits.

  2. Great job Sloop Club. You're already justifying my vehement support and vindicating the Common Council's community-minded reversal. Congrat's.