Tuesday, June 8, 2021

People Who Live in Glass (Fire)houses

Last night, at the informal Common Council meeting, Nick Pierro, representing the Fire Department, reported that one of the overhead bay doors at the Central Fire Station on North Seventh Street had fallen and was crushed on impact. No equipment or people were injured in the incident.  

Insurance will cover replacing the door, but what Pierro was proposing was replacing the broken door and two others with glass doors. Glass doors, he argued, would bring natural light into the fire station, reducing energy costs, would allow people to see into the fire station and view the fire apparatus, and would increase the building's "curb appeal." 

Later in the meeting, a resolution was introduced to transfer $19,498.00 from the fund balance to the Fire Department Building Fund account to replace three of the current aluminum doors with tempered glass doors. The plan is eventually to replace all seven bay doors with glass doors. 


  1. Word has it that the Central Fire Station was poorly built following the usual malodorous shell-game by which the property and funding for the station were acquired.

    The circumstances still merit an investigation.