Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Behind the COVID Numbers

Yesterday, the Columbia County Department of Health reported three new cases of COVID-19. Today, a memo from Columbia County Board of Supervisors chair Matt Murell contains this quote from CCDOH director Jack Mabb:
This follows a prolonged stretch of zero or one new daily cases, then we get three new cases in one day. It's a reminder that the virus has not gone away. . . . These were all random community cases. One was a third grader, one 18 years old, and another age 60.

Here's a sobering fact: the 60-year-old had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. There was no information about whether or not any of the new cases were cases of the Delta variant.


  1. Dr. Vin Gupta is recommending that those who received the Johnson & Johnson single shot arrange to get a Moderna or Pfizer shot as back up against the Delta variant....

    "Since I’ve seen this advice be given multiple times privately:

    If you received the 1-dose J&J, go and get 1-shot of Pfizer or Moderna as a “booster” when you’re able
    Most I know who got J&J are doing it and are telling others the same — since two seems better than 1 re: delta"

  2. No matter what or how many shote you get, you can still get Covid. That's the bottom line. And the shots are only good for six months. Over 7500 people have died FROM THE VACCINE. And no, I'm not an anti-vaxxer. People should think and make their own decisions. Do your research.

    1. When you say “do your research,” do you mean listen to the scientists who’ve done and continue to do primary research, using the Scientific Method? Or, do you mean that I should setup my own biological lab and gather a group to run my own trials? Or, do you mean watch You Tube videos from the tin foil hat crowd?