Thursday, June 10, 2021

It Happened in Hudson Today

This afternoon, Gossips got a report from a reader of police activity in the parking lot at Hudson Terrace Apartments. Otherwise engaged, I didn't rush down to check it out, but this press release just received from Chief Ed Moore explains what was happening.
On Thursday, June 10, 2021, at around 1:30 p.m. the City of Hudson Police Department observed a group of people congregated in the parking lot of Hudson Terrace Apartments parking lot, 15 North Front St. (Building 6). Officers entered the parking lot and observed an AR-15 (ArmaLite) semi-automatic rifle and a pump action 12 gauge shot gun inside a vehicle.
Three subjects–a juvenile, an 18 yr old and a 19 yr old–were detained at the scene and were later transported to the Hudson Police Department. One 19 year old was arrested later at the station.
HPD obtained a search warrant from County Court Judge Richard Koweek for two vehicles located at the scene.
Officers seized the following cache of weapons:
1.  A defaced Ruger .380 handgun with 6 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. Detectives are still tracing the origins of this weapon
2.  A defaced Ruger 9mm handgun with 7 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. The handgun was reported stolen in North Carolina
3. AR-15 (ArmaLite) semi-automatic rifle with ammunition
4. AK-47 semi-automatic rifle with ammunition
5. 12 Gauge Shot Gun with ammunition
One of the juveniles was in possession of over $1.400 in cash.
The Columbia County District Attorney’s Office, New York State Police, and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department assisted in this felony weapons investigation.
Arrest and arraignment disposition of all four individuals is pending at this hour. Their identities are currently being withheld because of their ages.
“HPD has been working diligently to quell the violent acts that have alarmed our city over the past several weeks. I am thankful for the experience of our supervisors and skill of our patrols that moved in and safely made these arrests. These young people felt so bold as to handle and possess a small arsenal of weapons in broad daylight, in a neighborhood where families live. I am convinced that we averted another violent act and in all likelihood saved a life today.” Chief Moore
If anyone has any further information they would like to share with the Police concerning the above incident, please contact the Hudson City Police Department, Detective Division at (518) 828-3388.


  1. Hudson Terrace allows way too mu nonsense in their parking lots, both day and night. Congregating, drinking, partying, crazy loud music. And now this. Has HPD or anyone from the city ever talked to the management there? The people who live there obviously believe they can do whatever they please in the parking lots. This has got to stop.

    1. Preservation Management's attitude to non-Terrace city residents is "mind your own business."

      That being the case, forget about management. These troubling issues you've listed which are all too real should be brought to the attention of the owners:

      "Evergreen Partners is a Maine based company focused on the acquisition, re-development and long-term ownership of affordable rental housing."

    2. Last year I called the Terrace office to complain about all the noise regularly coming from the lot nearest Promenade. I was given an 800 number, left 2 messages over two weeks requesting a call back. Never once heard from anyone. Mismanagement, absentee landlord, same old story. We get to live with the consequences. Pathetic.

  2. On many evenings it's impossible to enjoy the park above the Terrace apartments. The noise coming from boom boxes is deafening, it literally rattles nearby windows. This has been going on for years-- where the hell are the police?

  3. Hudson Terrace is an Affordable Housing business that is funded mostly by the Federal government through rent subsidies.

    It is a business, and it is making tons of money while you the citizens of Hudson get shot up on the streets of this city.

    The owners of Hudson Terrace are laughing all the way to the bank, and you have no recourse.

    Now some citizens want to double the size of the affordable housing to turn Hudson into Newark NJ.

    Is this really wise ? Is this the kind of social environment you should be building ? Why threaten the safety of the people who are building this city through hard work?

  4. History generally repeats itself, due to an inability of people to learn from the mistakes of the past. Urban renewal is a case in point. It is a failed experiment being mixed up again with the same ingredients.

  5. “ Congregating, drinking, partying, crazy loud music.” sounds like any place in Warren St from June to September. The choice in gripes certainly raised my eyebrow. Not mentioned, (and witnessed on a number of occasions) drug deals in front of children playing on the water pad, violent domestic disputes, racing of vehicles up and down Front St, and now weapons sales. I understand that loud music is disruptive to ones contemplative daily evening stroll, but you chose an odd set of quite normal, and frankly, totally entitled and reasonable behavior for humans who act as though they are ((clutch pearls)) alive to point to as evidence of foul behavior. Foul behavior for whom??? Yuck.