Thursday, June 24, 2021

Was a Bear There?

A few weeks ago, on June 6, Gossips reported a bear sighting in the 200 block of Allen Street. This morning, evidence was discovered by a reader to suggest a bear may have made a nocturnal visit to a backyard in the first block of Union Street. There were lots of broken branches on a tree toward the back of the yard, near Partition Street, in an area of yard where there are lots of berries, and scat was discovered that looked a lot like bear scat.

People in this part of Hudson should remain vigilant. There may be a bear who likes hanging out in this neighborhood.


  1. As I'm in the middle of enjoying a salad, I'd like to thank you for going with the broken branch picture.

  2. I also found what appeared to be bear scat earlier this week in our backyard facing partition near 5th st. I'm no tracker by any means, but a couple of the contractors I'm working with are avid hunters who came to the same conclusion.