Thursday, November 19, 2020

City of Hudson Issues Stay at Home Advisory

Tomorrow, the Columbia County Department of Health will issue its breakdown of COVID-19 cases by municipality and nursing home. Today, a stay at home advisory issued by the City of Hudson may provide a preview of the state of things in Hudson. The following appeared on the City of Hudson website:
As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, the City of Hudson advises residents and visitors to stay at home to reduce the spread. In recent weeks, Hudson has experienced an increase in weekly COVID-19 cases. Between October 30 and November 13, Hudson had 15 residents confirmed to have coronavirus, 20% of the total cases of Hudson residents to date. Over the past weeks, Columbia County has had a significant increase in cases and hospitalizations. As of November 18, Columbia County has 92 people with active cases--more people than we had during the spring peak.
Therefore, the City of Hudson strongly advises residents to stay inside their homes and avoid interaction with people outside their household. Unless traveling for work, school, or essential needs, avoid unnecessary trips. When going outside, wear a mask, practice six feet of physical distancing whenever possible, and avoid crowded areas.
The City of Hudson will continue to enforce social distancing regulations and require businesses to follow statewide COVID-19 guidelines.
The advisory follows the recent order from Governor Andrew Cuomo ordering Bars, Restaurants and Gyms to close at 10pm and the public to significantly reduce the size of gathering. To report on COVID-19 issues contact Hudson Code Enforcement, Hudson Police, or New York State Pause Enforcement
We also encourage residents to get tested. Learn about testing options and covid responses.
Do your part: reduce the spread. Together, we keep each other safe.

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  1. Maybe you should have thought about COVID when you opened the streets for people sitting without masks. How do you expect Hudsonians to get tested when about 100 tests are available via CC Health Dept. Will you ask the Gov. to halt Amtrak stopping in Hudson? But you suggest. Your citizens to stay inside.