Saturday, November 7, 2020

News of Interest from Elsewhere

The Albany Business Journal reports today that the owners of Mexican Radio have put their building in Schenectady on the market, with a selling price of $2.95 million: "Mexican Radio restaurant puts Schednectady building up for sale."

The article states: "If the property is sold, it's unclear if the owners, Lori Selden and Mark Young, would lease the building and continue running the restaurant."

It will be recalled that something similar happened with Mexican Radio here in Hudson. The building at 537 Warren Street was put up for sale with assurances from the owners that the restaurant would continue to operate. 

The restaurant did continue to operate for several months after the building had been put on the market, but in August 2019, it closed. A statement from the owners intimated that the immigration policies of the Trump administration and the high cost of living in Hudson were among the reasons for the closing. The building remains unoccupied, and Zillow and other online listings indicate that it is no longer on the market.

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