Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is It Art?

A reader brought this article from yesterday's New York Times to my attention, and I thought it merited sharing. This is happening in Kinderhook, but it's the sort of question that could very well arise in Hudson: "Nick Cave's Truth May Be Writ Large, but Is It a Sign?"


  1. There is lots of bad art out there. I think this qualifies. Maybe it's a "sign" of the times.

  2. I don't understand the fuss... it's a temporary ...sign/artwork ... it comes down on 1/31/2021. The question is who's harmed by this? That school museum gallery is the towns biggest asset ... Kinderhook should just shut up.

  3. This isn’t about whether or not this is good art, it’s about who decides what is art, and the idea that municipalities are making that decision especially for an installation on private property, is wrong. Shades of Mapplethorpe and Jesse Helms. The idea that a municipality would try to make that assessment, and couch it as a public safety matter is downright trumpian.