Friday, November 20, 2020

The Sounds of Maintenance

Lately, I'm often awake in the wee hours of the morning when the street sweeper makes its way past my house. Ever since I came upon this picture in the collection at, I think of it whenever I hear our modern-day street sweeper, and I wonder what it must have sounded like as it churned its way through the streets.

Hudson Street Sweeper,


  1. Ah, the street sweeper, that mobile monster heard far too often in Hudson. Most towns do not sweep nearly as often as Hudson does, an example of waste and unnecessary pollution (noise, air, climate...). There is a two block section of one side of N 6th street that has no alternative parking and thus never gets swept. NEVER. Guess what? The debris that builds up along the curb is minimal and I doubt anyone is calling DPW to demand the street be swept at least once a week. I would call if debris were building up to problematic levels. So why is the rest of the city treated like the streets are paved with gold? Especially now, DPW should be sweeping no more than once a month. There is no justification for anything more frequent. Rob Perry will likely justify frequent sweeping with "this is the way we've always done it."
    Great picture, Carole!
    Bill Huston

  2. I can confidently say I pay more in alternate side parking tickets than Trump does in taxes annually. Perhaps a clue to its frequency.

  3. That website is absolutely amazing. Can anyone identify the buildings in the background?

  4. Are on Warren St across City Place before the Black Friday Fire back the mid 1960’s