Monday, June 8, 2020

New Information about 75 North Seventh Street

For tonight's informal Common Council meeting, the Galvan Foundation provided a new fact sheet about the project being proposed, which oddly, given Galvan's penchant for naming things, is still being referred to only by its address: 75 North Seventh Street. The fact sheet can be found here

Along with the information that the studio apartments originally planned had been eliminated in favor of more three-bedroom apartments, the fact sheet provides this revised rendering of the building.

Upon seeing this rendering, in color, with the south facade of the building apparently covered in greenery, this quote from Frank Lloyd Wright leapt to mind: "The physician can bury his mistakes,--but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines."

More about the the informal Council meeting to come.


  1. That rendition seems to cite the project on a wide avenue -- N. 7th Street is quite a bit narrower than what is shown. The project seems out of step with the overall scale of the block and neighborhood. There ain't enough vines . . .

  2. Some thoughts... OVER THINKING has to go into this project. This will impact the neighborhood. Maxing out the site is a bit much. Any detail go with this rendering, a site plan? What about the interior quality of these units? Are there any amenities proposed? On street parking for how many units with alternate side parking will create its own problems. Who's the architect?