Saturday, June 6, 2020

Parking Woes

This morning, this notice about malfunctioning parking meters and parking tickets was posted on the Hudson Police Department's Facebook page.

This morning also, I heard from readers and noticed in my neighborhood that cars that had been parked overnight on the odd side of the street had been ticketed. Yesterday, Gossips reported the news, which appeared on the City of Hudson website: "Both side street parking permitted Friday and Saturday." Needless to say, I felt somewhat responsible that my readers and neighbors had gotten tickets.

I contacted HPD Chief Ed Moore, who explained there had been some confusion between the executive order and the posting on the city website. He told me: "Tickets issued for alternate side parking violations can be dismissed if they mail them in with an accompanying note." So, if you got a ticket last night, do as the chief suggests, and, just to be on the safe side, until everything gets ironed out, park on the odd side of the street tonight.

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  1. Contrary to what Chief Moore said, this is not a result of confusion between the exec order and the posting. The executive order was made -- It sounds like HPD officers and perhaps even the Chief were not aware of the weekend suspension, as they should have been. That is either the Mayor's fault, the Chief's fault, or both, not the fault of some posting on the City's site. C'mon, folks, this should not be difficult at all and you shouldn't be creating unnecessary hassles for car owners. Please communicate better -- this is what we expect of you. Identify the communication breakdown, own up to it and fix it.