Friday, June 12, 2020

Wear a Mask

After five weeks, Gossips is retiring the "Wear a Mask" campaign--not because it's no longer relevant, but because the messaging has been taken up by others. Today is the final day. Gratitude to all those who participated.

Week 1
Rich Volo, Tiffany Garriga, Dominic Merante, Jane Trombley, Rick Rector, Eileen Halloran

Week 2
Rick Scalera, Sarah Sterling, Rob Bujan, Rebecca Wolff, Don Moore, Branda Maholtz, Steve Dunn

Week 3
Tambra Dillon, Seth Rogovoy, Kim Bach, Phil Forman, Didi Barrett, Peter Frank, Melinda Slover

Week 4
Nick Haddad, Betsy Miller, Bob Rasner, Lisa Durfee, Ed Moore, Jennifer Arenskjold, John Schobel

Week 5
Carrie Haddad, David Voorhees, Brenda Schufelt, Jeff Hunt, Marlene Marshall, Charlie, and Joey

Special thanks to Trixie's Oven for providing the prizes in the Gossips challenge to identify the faces behind the masks.

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