Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Shared Summer Streets

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 11, at 4 p.m., Mayor Kamal Johnson will hold a virtual town hall meeting about the plan to close parts of Warren Street to vehicular traffic on some days during the summer and fall to allow restaurants and shops to expand out into the street to allow dining and shopping in the open air while still social distancing. 

Conceptualizing the plans for sharing the streets has been the work of Hudson Hall and Future Hudson, working with the Department of Public Works and the Hudson Police Department. The plan is in response to the projection that 40 percent of Hudson's businesses are at risk of collapse.

The information needed to access the meeting has not yet been made available.


  1. This kind of thing should have been done long ago and annually. Probably too late to be of any help for businesses and I'm sure city hall will figure out a way to spend a lot of money on this if it happens. Money it doesn't have. How many extra police officers will be required? DPW crews getting overtime setting up and cleaning up? No funds for that either, are there? B HUSTON

    1. Do you ever offer a solution or an idea, or do you only complain?

  2. This is a start to a potentially good idea. It works in many European cities. Hudson is the perfect layout for a potential 'walking street'.

  3. Hudson streets have a great layout to make this work. The only issue is parking. Where will all the cars park and can a trolly path be setup to move people up and down the street? Maybe a one lane path down the middle taped off.

  4. Parking? Hard enough to find a spot in high season which runs from May to early November, give or take...

  5. I live on Warren Street and realize parking is an issue - all the time. Summer and winter as we are in the 200 block = no meters so the entire town parks there. Many times I have to park far from home in the summer, or walk - or use a lot.

    Perhaps I missed the page in my new resident handbook that stated that as a resident, I am guaranteed a parking space by my house.

    With everything going on, on a national level and the fact we've made no budget cuts in the city - and are still spending money as if it were March - how could we not do this?

    Find a solution to the table for parking and delivery but to use it as a "But what about parking" seems to be short sited.

    Or not, I guess we can allow our businesses to continue to struggle and risk going out of business and we'd have enough parking for the entire town.

    I don't even see where we would have hesitation to do this now.

  6. I agree with Rob. We need to do everything we can to get our businesses back up and running. It is great to hear from someone who will be personally impacted but still supports the plan. That is community action.