Monday, June 1, 2020

Bear in Town

An hour ago, the Hudson Police Department posted these photos on its Facebook page.

The bear was sighted behind the former John L. Edwards School and in the 300 block of Rope Alley. The message from the HPD: "He's big. . . . Use caution. Do not approach." 

That was an hour ago. There's no word on where the bear is now.

Update: The bear moved from the alley to the street. Just minutes ago, Lance Wheeler posted a video by 12-year-old Moriah Walker, showing the bear on State Street.

Update: The bear has left the city. At approximately 10:15 p.m., the Hudson Police Department posted this report on its Facebook page:
Our visiting bear has bid us "adieu" after some fine dumpster cuisine in Rope Alley. He has returned to the vast woods of Greenport. Thank you to our local EnCon officers who assisted us. The bear was unharmed. Believed to be a male around 250 pounds. Doesn't appear to be "Blaze" who frequented Cedar Park or the "Melino's Mauler" who climbed a telephone pole on Columbia Street last year.


  1. On the sidewalk with no mask? The nerve!

  2. If there ever were a town that a bear could fill its belly on poorly discarded garbage, it would be Hudson. No wonder the beast was spotted in an alley - that's where the best pickins are! Bags of trash put out improperly are always here for any scavenger. Our code violations are their dinner.